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Driver behaviour allows you to; not only retrieve information from the object, but also to provide information about the use of it. With the aim of monitoring the behaviour and thereby contribute to economically justifiable behaviour. That is why our Driver Behaviour is for companies with a large fleet a very interesting system, in order to contribute to a more conscious, economical and safer driving behaviour of all the employees.

Continuous speed determination and positioning
Driver Behaviour is the way a driver controls an object or vehicle. This information can be obtained by the tracking system of V-tron. V-tron’s unit monitors and registers any movement of the vehicle. The GPS-system monitors several times per second; the speed and position of the vehicle. This continuous speed determination and positioning provides information about the driver behaviour, which the driver with the vehicle performs.

Encourage more conscious behaviour
As soon as the behaviour of drivers can be registered, it makes it possible to influence this behaviour. This will lead to: driving safer, lower fuel consumption, less damage and less maintenance costs. Eventually, this leads to an environmentally friendly use of vehicles, a lower insurance premium and a higher residual value. By first determining the desired and undesired behaviour, actionscan be taken in case of deviations. Are you interested? We are glad to work together with you to find the best solution!